Getting your product or service in front of millions is no longer exclusively achieved through broadcast TV. Advertising through web and social media videos can give your brand the exposure and boost needed, without having to spend a fortune. 

Whether your product or company needs a front page video , FaceBook video, viral video, or explainer videos, we’ve got the knowledge, experience, and the creative to make your perfect video.

California Videowork is a hybrid between a advertising agency and a video production company. We can deliver original concepts and high production quality to connect with your audience in a meaningful way.



Types of Web Videos:
Website,  Explainer, Music, Testimonial,  Promotional.  


CASE STUDY: Pipe Works Climbing and Fitness

Pipe Works came to us hoping for a shareable, exciting, and fresh web video that would entice social media users. 

We came up with the idea to focus on the physical location of the Pipe Works facility where customers can take advantage of indoor rock climbing. Mix that with action shots and pumping music and you get a web video that will go viral.