You’re ready to release your killer new product, software, or service to the world. And launching it successfully means everything to you. But what is the best way to receive and retain audience attention? 

From consumer product releases to enterprise solutions, we’ve produced videos for a wide range of products.  Everything from tech to cosmetics, food to sportswear, we team up with our clients to develop a compelling product video that effectively speaks to your market.

Branding Videos
When introducing your company to a new client or customer you have a big opportunity to make a positive and lasting impression. Enter the branding video; an effective and creative way to communicate your company’s goals, culture, and product offering. Most importantly, brand videos are a compelling way to visually tell your unique story.

Explainer Videos 
Explainer videos are like the proverbial elevator pitch. They show your product or service in action and take the time to explain the product. 

Explainer videos are typically two-to-three minutes long and narrated in a friendly, conversational tone— like your trusted buddy telling you about the latest, greatest solution.

Real people telling real stories: that’s peer-to-peer marketing at it’s best. Testimonial videos are one of the most effective ways to sell products. Talking with the customer and finding out how the product improved their lives, solved a problem, or gave them more life satisfaction is the most important part to focus on. 

Our testimonial video production spotlights your most enthusiastic customers, and shows how you made a positive difference in their life. 

Use testimonial videos for your website, sales, YouTube, or at trade shows. 


What better way to show how versatile your product is then a video which shows off how flattering it is on different people. 

Patoola wants to remind their market that they are a big supporter of diversity and uniqueness, and they want their eyewear to reflect that. We made sure that we reflected their vision through our models and locations. Each model has a unique life story that we felt reflected Patoola's core beliefs.