Live Action Book Trailer Produced for Hell's Judgement

California Videowork produced a book trailer with live acting for Hell's Judgement by Author Michael D. Benson.

Play trailer above.


"In the heat of a sinister battle that rages between Heaven and Hell, a deadly tsunami threatens to wipe England off the face of the earth. In response, God endows devout priest John McClain with supernatural power that allows him to save his country. Now he must act quickly to stem the tides of war and plague sent by the demon Jezebel, queen of darkness. McClain succeeds, but in the aftermath, his faith takes a mysteriously dark turn, prompting him to enlist in a cause to slay a far more powerful villain. The only question is whether God can trust the rogue priest to win the war without tarnishing the cause. For more information please visit our site at," writes author Michael D. Benson.

View on the author's YouTube: