California Videowork is a Full-Service Northern California Video Production Company


We are also an Advertising Agency Specializing in Corporate, Marketing, Training, Book Trailer, Event, Sizzle and Web Viral Videos


We want you to think of us as your in-house video production company and advertising agency. Whether you need a video made, or advertising/marketing services, California Videowork can complete the whole process for you. 

The heart of what we do is engaging the audience. And we’ve been hard at work since 2009,  when businessman Daniel Robert Niebauer joined his son James who had an existing video business to start California Videowork.  Daniel knows that a perfect video is useless - if you don't have the audience to view it. 

We work closely with your marketing department to help launch your company’s products and differentiate you from your competitors. Whether you need videos, product photos, social media viral videos, or animations- we are the company for you. 

Also, we offer full packages with a variety of options. These include; video production, advertising, and marketing services. 

We guide our clients through the process from script writing and creative conception through post production. Our first step is the discovery phase where our goal is to fully understand the objectives of the videos or other creative projects, the intended audience, and what will motivate and inspire that audience. During this phase we dive in to understand our clients company story, so that all of our messaging is in alignment with your brand.

Then, if required, we will market or distribute your project after completion. 

We at California Videowork care deeply about our clients.



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"California Videowork is the best production company in all of Northern CA. Prompt and professional, they are experts at taking a simple concept, and transforming it into a brilliant finished piece that you can be proud of. They have always gone above and beyond on every project, so whether you have a small video shoot or full scale film venture, I am confident to recommend them to not only get the job done, but to exceed your expectations,"-Author Edward Alves.

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