We love event and sizzle video production. Some of our favorite work has been local and major events where we were able to capture the magic and excitement. 

Event and sizzle videos can inspire and rally a captive audience around something they all care about. 

Event Videos
Want video coverage of your wedding, concert, art show, fair, etc? We provide full service video coverage of your event and will provide you with the full footage as well as a short promo video of all the greatest moments put together. 

This allows for further promotional activity in the future, and gives you a way to remember that special event you worked so hard to put on. 


Live Event Coverage

We offer event and entertainment video services including live webcasting, multi-camera event production, music, and comedy shoots. We also offer coverage of shows and plays. 

We equip you with a team of skilled production professionals who will work with you on-site to cover all of your event video needs. In addition, we provide pre-event consultation, web portal design for your webcast, and marketing. 

Some key benefits of webcasting include:


– Increased viewership and potential revenue by broadening your audience

– Save money by eliminating travel expenses

–Increase audience interest and drive traffic.

– Build and increase social networks

Our webcasting services can include:

– On-site video event producer

– Pre-stream marketing and advertising

– Professional camera crews and audio engineers provided

– Synchronized PowerPoints during live webcast

– Integrate webcast with your website’s pages

– Your trailers, bumpers, and ad campaigns introduced into live stream

– Viewing statistics delivered next-day

– Conversion of your webcast to online storage or DVD

– Speaker photographs and session descriptions with video streaming

– In Depth Reporting, Analytics and Metrics