Working With Us


Working with California Videowork is not only about delivering great work: it's about enjoying the process.

Work easily with California Videowork: your multi-talented video production company.

Pre-Production Process



We kick off every project with a round of discovery. This phase includes conversations, research into your brand, your market, your products, and your customers. We find inspiration for your video from past commercials, customers opinions or anything that will dictate the best style for the video. 


Armed with a strong sense of your brand, audience, and goals we then begin to develop concepts that we feel would best tell your story. We will write 1-3 written treatments that define our overall goal and idea of the project. We then allow you to review them and let us know your thoughts so that we can really narrow in on your desired voice and goal. 


Whether you have a half million dollar budget or 25K, we work closely with you to ensure that we give you the best results for your money. Essential to every creative kick-off is the question – where will you see the money on screen? For the biggest production value, we’ll scale the scope to work within your budget needs.


After defining the concept and the budget for the project we will work closely with you to make sure that the script follows your desired voice. This is where we include special or interesting 


Style and story boarding can happen in parallel with the scriptwriting. The approved concept sends us down a path of visual discovery where we develop a look for your video. We make and find imagery that matches the style that we will capture in production. We also design any graphics and effects that bring the concept to life.


We cast for all types of productions. Whether it’s real people for a documentary / testimonial piece or comedic actors or models to bring a particular look we know how to find the right people for the video. Our staff has many years of directing and production experience to make sure that the talent in a show will make it the best it can be.

Location Scouting

We’re so lucky to be in the Bay Area, which has some of the most amazing locations on earth. We’ve also be incredibly fortunate to have shot in many of those locations. We know how important the backdrop of a film is to bring style, realism, emotion and we go to great lengths to secure them on a budget.


Production Process


After we finish the pre-production phase and determine a clear vision then we move onto the production phase. The script is written, we’ve casted the best actors, hired a talented production crew, the locations have been selected, and the storyboards are laid out. Production is where we get to have a little fun flexing our creative voices. 

Our directors have produced anything from sports and event commercials to documentary style filming. Whatever style you want it in- we can do it. 

For animated pieces and stories that rely heavily on motion graphics and visual effects, our Creative Director will be there to guide your project through all stages of the production. Our team of producers will ensure that the product, and your experience through the process, will be a success.

We operate industry level Canon digital cameras and own a variety of professional lighting, sound, and editing equiptment to give your video the very best look. 


Post-Production Process



This is where the real magic happens. It’s an exciting phase that leads to many creative opportunities around music, style, structure, composition, etc and that allows for the video to come together in terms of style and continuity. It’s where you start to feel what the audience will feel. Since our projects range from feature films to television commercials, we work with the very best editors to make sure that you get the very best. 


Music is HUGE. It can be the anchor to a piece that drives the pace and emotion. Choosing great music can make or break a video. There are many options for obtaining music for your video. We guide you through the options that best fit your budget. 

Motion Graphics & Animation

Once we have a rough edit, that is when the motion graphics and animating phase usually begins. Because motion graphics and animation are costly to produce, it’s best to have the overall edit defined as much as possible. It is during this graphics phase that we begin to really hone the style and look of the video.

Color Correction

Color correction can often make the difference between a nice looking video and a stunning final product. There are two main goals in color correction: normalizing the look and stylizing. Normalizing (or primary color correction) is when we match the color and look of each of the shots. The stylizing phase (or secondary color correction) is when we make the creative choices on how to influence how your audience feels based on your desired voice. 

Sound Mix

Sound can effect your video greatly. If the video is gorgeous but the sound is bad- the video is bad too. From cancelling the room noise in a shot to the most subtle design elements, good audio will also help make your message more memorable and meaningful. We work with an amazing sound editor that will make sure your message comes across crystal clear.