Marketing is tough. We know that. A book trailer may help. While the book trailer will not sell books for you they do increase your marketing image. Marketing involves many layers of activities. Have you ever been convinced to go see a movie based on something you read or a short clip you saw. That is not by accident. The promoters wanted you to react to something that they had published or written in a web site or article.

The difference between a movie and novel is: a book is place where feelings and emotions are described and the reader creates the visual world in their mind. A movie is a visual world created for the viewer and the viewer creates or develops feelings and emotion based on what they see. A book trailer transforms your book into the visual world.   

A book trailer is different from a book advertisement: a book advertisement tells that viewer why they should purchase the book. This is a book about the Vietnam War and if you like war stories - this is one of the best war stories written. A book trailer will show you the characters in book or a scene from the book or a series of short images called a montage. This helps the viewer to quickly visualize what is in the book and help them identify with what is the main characteristic of the story.

We offer book trailer in three different levels. They all include graphics, voice over, music and images. The first level uses pictures. The second level uses moving pictures and actors. The third level is for established authors with a larger budget.

Level One from 499.00 (on sale)

Includes script, graphics, voice over, music and images. This is best for starting out authors on a limited budget.

Level Two from 1499.00 (on sale)

Includes script, graphics, voice over, music and actors but no lines. This is best authors who are somewhat established or have authored several books. This book trailer usually takes the form of a series of clips in a montage form.



Level Three from 2499.00 to 10K and up (on sale)

We can shoot a scene or montage with actors saying lines and different locations with professional voice over. Can be shot in 4K or 2K with different cinematic looks as options. A script is co-developed with the author.