We Offer Great Advertising Services

Ads for websites

Getting your product or service in front of millions is no longer exclusively achieved through traditional media. Advertising through web and social media can give your brand the exposure and boost needed, without having to spend a fortune.

Whether your product or company needs a front page, Facebook, viral, or explainer ad, we’ve got the knowledge, experience and the creativity to make your perfect ad.

Niebauer is a digital advertising agency. We can deliver original concepts and high production quality to connect with your audience in a meaningful way.

Types of web ads:
Website, Explainer, Music, Testimonial, Promotional.

CASE STUDY: Sacramento Pipeworks

Pipeworks came to us hoping for a shareable, exciting, and fresh web ad that would entice social media users.

We came up with the idea to focus on the facility where customers can take advantage of indoor rock climbing.

Product ads

You’re ready to release your killer new product, software, or service to the world. And launching it successfully means everything to you. But what is the best way to receive and retain audience attention? Niebauer will help you create your project and make sure that it is what the audience wants. 

From consumer product releases to enterprise solutions, we’ve produced ads for a wide range of products. Everything from tech to cosmetics to sportswear, we team up with our clients to develop a compelling advertising treatment that effectively speaks to your market.

Branding ads
When introducing your company to a new client or customer you have a big opportunity to make a positive and lasting impression. Enter the branding ad; an effective and creative way to communicate your company’s goals, culture or product offerings. Most importantly, brand ads are a compelling way to tell your unique story.

Explainer ads
Explainer ads are like the proverbial elevator pitch. They show your product or service in action and take the time to explain the it.

Explainer ads are typically friendly and conversational in tone; like your trusted buddy telling you about the latest, greatest solution.

Testimonial ads
Real people telling real stories: that’s peer-to-peer marketing at it’s best. Testimonial ads are one of the most effective ways to sell products. Talking with the customer and finding out how the product improved their lives, solved a problem or gave them more life satisfaction is the most important part to focus on.

Our testimonial ads spotlights your most enthusiastic customers, and shows how you made a positive difference in their life.

Use testimonial ads for your website, sales, YouTube channel or at trade shows.


What better way to show how versatile your product is than an ad which shows off how flattering your eye glasses look on different people. Patoola's eye wear is stylish and flattering on all people.

Patoola wants to remind their market that they are a big supporter of diversity and uniqueness, and they want their eyewear to reflect that. We made sure that we reflected their vision through our models and locations. Each model has a unique life story that we felt reflected Patoola's core beliefs and we worked with Patoola to make sure that their ads displayed what they needed.

Commercial ads

Designing a commercial takes more than the production process. Knowledge of markets, segments, demographics, customer preferences, profiles and influences are key to having the ad being a success.

We have over 50 years of combined marketing, sales and advertising experience. We have worked with brands and services at the local and national level. We have developed and produced high impact ads that will succeed into today's digital world.

The market for ads for television and the internet are merging. Let us help you meet this challenge.

Book trailers and ads

Marketing is tough. We know that. A book trailer or ad may help. While the book trailer will not sell books for you they do increase your marketing image. Marketing involves many layers of activities. Have you ever been convinced to go see a movie based on something you read or a short clip you saw. That is not by accident. The promoters wanted you to react to something that they had published or written in a website or article.

The difference between a movie and novel is: a book is place where feelings and emotions are described and the reader creates the visual world in their mind. A movie is a visual world created for the viewer and the viewer creates or develops feelings and emotion based on what they see. A book trailer transforms your book into the visual world.

A book trailer is different from a book advertisement: a book ad tells that viewer why they should purchase the book. This is a book about the Vietnam War and if you like war stories: this is one of the best war stories written. A book trailer will show you the characters in book or a scene from the book or a series of short images called a montage. This helps the viewer to quickly visualize what is in the book and help them identify with what is the main characteristic of the story.

We offer book trailers in three different levels. They all include graphics, voice over, music and images. The first level uses pictures. The second level uses moving pictures and actors. The third level is for established authors with a larger budget.

Level one from $499
Includes script, graphics, voice over, music and images. This is best for starting out authors on a limited budget or who want to make an ad.

Level two from $1499

Includes script, graphics, voice over, music and actors but no lines. This is best for authors who are somewhat established or have authored several books. This book trailer usually takes the form of a series of clips in a montage form.

Level three from $2499

We can shoot a scene or montage with actors saying lines and different locations with professional voice over.

All scripts are co-developed with the author.


We love event advertising and coverage. Some of our favorite work has been local and major events where we were able to capture the magic and excitement.

Event ads and coverage can inspire and rally a captive audience around something they all care about.

Event ads
Want video, audio or photography coverage of your wedding, concert, art show, fair, etc? We provide full service video coverage of your event and will provide you with the full footage as well as a short promo video of all the greatest moments put together. 

This allows for further promotional activity in the future, and gives you a way to remember that special event you worked so hard to put on.

Event coverage is some of our favorite work and we are available to travel in Northern California and the Bay Area.

Live event coverage

We offer event and entertainment video, audio and photography services including live webcasting, multi-camera or microphone event production, music and comedy shoots. We also offer coverage of shows and plays.

We equip you with a team of skilled production professionals who will work with you on-site to cover all of your event streaming or recording needs. In addition, we provide pre-event consultation, web portal design for your webcast, and marketing.

Some key benefits of video or audio webcasting include:

– Increased viewership and potential revenue by broadening your audience

– Save money by eliminating travel expenses

– Increase audience interest and drive traffic

– Build and increase social networks

Our webcasting services can include:

– On-site event producer

– Pre-stream marketing and advertising

– Professional camera crews and audio engineers provided

– Synchronized PowerPoints during live webcast

– Integrate webcast with your website’s pages

– Your trailers, bumpers, and ad campaigns introduced into live stream

– Viewing statistics seen live and delivered next-day

– Conversion of your webcast to online storage, hard drive or DVD

– Speaker photographs and session descriptions with video / audio streaming

– In-depth reporting, analytics and metrics

Film and Television

Television or Web Shows: this includes sporting events, weddings or special events. We can also broadcast live on the internet.

We use single or multiple cameras with sound and even add advertising during, before or after your live broadcast.

Shows can run from 2 minutes up to 2 hours.

Film: we are available to shoot and edit your short film, documentary or feature length film.

We can provide a full production solution including lighting, sound, camera and editing.

Film projects can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a year to complete.

Creative Ads

Need something different, unusual or interesting? We can create just about anything that includes special effects to highly stylized advertising.